Photo by Vesa Laitinen

I spent the past decade building and leading a world-class content team at Blinkist, an e-learning company that's won awards from Apple, Google, and the United Nations.

I'm proudest of the fact that in a hybrid team that grew to twenty people, only one (!) person ever left. That's 99,5% annual team retention!

Based on this experience, I developed my Hybrid Habits-framework, which I believe can help many hybrid and remote leaders make their teams high performing and highly engaged.

I'm also a published author and most recently co-authored a book about the future of work and organizations called The Loop Approach.

Based on these experiences, I am excited to give keynotes on:

I've spoken at conferences and corporate events for Fortune 500 companies, and I'd love to help make your event inspiring and successful.

If you want to see a sample of me on stage, check out this clip. It's taken from my 2019 keynote at the superb Nomad Summit in Cancun, Mexico.

Reach out to me here to talk about speaking engagements.