Photo by Vesa Laitinen

Hi, I'm Ben.

A rehabilitated management consultant, I spent the past ten years helping to build Blinkist from zero revenue into the leading player in the bite-sized learning space.

At Blinkist, I led the content team that created the heart of the company's offering. I saw the team grow from two people to twenty, all of it with me leading from afar, in a hybrid setting. The journey was incredible, not least because of the great team we built together: We hit our targets year after year, and created a tremendous sense of psychological safety that fostered innovation, ownership and honest discussion. It was truly special. So special, in fact, that over a ten-year period, only one person ever left. When we shared this non-existent turnover rate, others in the tech space literally didn't believe us – they called it a statistical impossibility. I call it the result of a great team with good habits that fostered success and psychological safety.

Now, I want to share the learnings I've gathered to help others succeed too.

Besides work, I choose to give most of my spare time to my family. But when I have the chance, I love to golf, surf, play floorball, and meditate. More recently, I've dabbled with stand-up comedy and writing science fiction.