hybrid habits


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I want to make hybrid the best thing that ever happened to the world of work.

To build the psychological safety needed for top performance, we need new ways of leading, communicating, learning, organizing, and executing.

But lasting change is almost impossible unless you're able to form new habits. 

Hybrid Habits are simple, powerful and easy-to-implement tools that help teams and leaders to succeed in a hybrid or remote setting.

Are you ready to transform the way you work and lead in a hybrid or remote setting forever?

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Hybrid and remote work are here to stay. To stay competitive, teams, leaders, and organizations need to make the most of this opportunity.

That's where I come in.

I spent nearly ten years building and leading the award-winning content team at Blinkist, which created content enjoyed by tens of millions of users. All of it in a hybrid setting. 

And what we built together was something truly unique in terms of culture and performance: During this decade, we hit our targets and created great content year after year. But even more importantly, in a team that grew to 20 people, only one person ever left. This low staff turnover rate was something so remarkable that people from other parts of the tech world literally didn’t believe us. They called it a “statistical impossibility.”

I call it something to learn from.

After I myself left Blinkist, I reflected on how we managed to build this kind great place to work.  The conclusion: we unlocked outstanding performance by creating tremendous psychological safety and trust, even in the hybrid setting. 

Now, to help other hybrid teams and leaders succeed, I've analyzed and broken down the ingredients of our success. I've made these learnings easy for any leader to implement in their work. After all, advice only works if it really works.

And the easiest way to create lasting change is by adopting habits. Hence, Hybrid Habits. They are based on a decade of experience as well as cutting-edge New Work practices. These simple adjustments to the way leaders communicate, organize and foster trust can transform the entire team's performance and culture.

I offer training courses and keynotes on Hybrid Habits, and I guarantee every leader and team member will come out with something they can put to use in their work right away.

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